Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I love wreaths. There was a time when they were associated basically with Christmas but we have evolved over the years to make them for anytime, not just holidays.

There are so many wonderful ideas for wreaths. I make them for every holiday. Vibrant fall colours for Autumn, Spooky for Halloween, Jewelled tones for Christmas, Hearts for Valentine's Day and of course Bunnies and Eggs for Easter.

I see wreaths made out of every kind of material for everything. If you have a cottage or beach house shells make a fabulous summer wreath.

What a great idea this is! I am all for repurposing and how many times have you seen mason jar lids at yard sales. Just run a stiff wire through them and voila, instant rustic wreath.

Talk about a statement. These old tin pie plates and serving trays in their old worn, dented condition, make a fantastic wreath in a home with high ceilings.

We all have picture frames with no glass why not turn them into interesting wreaths.

Lots of people collect old spools of thread why not display them as a wreath or make one for a friend who is an avid sewer.

When I was little, at Christmas we made wreaths out of cut up garbage bags, they actually looked pretty good. We also made Christmas trees by folding the pages of old phone books. Here are some great ideas for repurposed wreaths like this one made of music sheets.

Look at this repurposed wreath made of book pages from CREATURE COMFORTS. Very country looking.

I love this Book Page Rose Wreath from UNDER THE TABLE AND DREAMING you can also make cool flowers for gift wrapping. I am going to try this the instructions look very easy.

How cute is this Rake Wreath from MISS EFFIE'S DAIRY. I don't know how many of these I have gotten rid of over the years. I think this looks amazing.

How about a Burlap Bubble Wreath. Get the instuctions for this lovely wreath and the frame at TODAYS FABULOUS FINDS.

If you are having a bbq or outdoor party vegetable always make really nice wreaths and they are reasonable to create like this Radish Wreath from THE KITCHEN.

So why not get creative and add a wreath to you indoor or outdoor decor. Have you done something different, let me know and send me some pictures and I will share your ideas with everyone.

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. Beautiful wreaths, my favorite has to be the Halloween one.
    We have lots of wild grape vines on our property that get made into "country wreaths" complete with dried grapes left on for the birds.

  2. Hello Sue, girl after my own heart, I`m a wreath lover to, have one for every holiday and more. Great post, love it and love the old canning jar wreath, to prim perfect. Blessings Francine.