Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Last year being my first year with an Etsy shop, I fell a little behind with the seasonal wears. This year I am ready. I have been working on Halloween since August and I am already planning the Christmas items.

Here are some of the Halloween pieces I have for this week, there are already lots in my shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN now.

These cute little Tarot Card boxes were something I really enjoyed making. I love the bats and the cats.

This one I made for myself but loved it so made one for the shop too. I am doing a few more when I get done making the baskets for the GYPSY TEA & TAROT PARTY later today.

I have made a lot of signs this season and a few are already gone. I hand paint all of these, I don't use stencils I find them messy and I can do it faster myself. I adore Halloween and have so many ideas so hopefully I will have time to put a lot more in my shop soon.


  1. Hi Sue, love the Halloween tarrow card boxes, such neat paintings on them. You are a gifted crafter, will be checking in your shop for more. Happy Haunting,Francine.

  2. I was looking at you Halloween items today!
    I love your style!
    I still have my pumpkin hanging on my pinboard by my desk that I won in your giveaway!

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  4. Hi Sue,
    Awesome goodies that you've created. I'm off to your ETSY shop to see more.

    I can't wait for Halloween...