Saturday, September 15, 2012


It has been a very busy couple of weeks. So much has been coming in the post for the GYPSY TEA & TAROT PARTY. Everyone has been so generous and creative. My Harvest Table has been piled high with things. I finally got all of the baskets finished yesterday and they look pretty amazing.

I made three Wiccan Themed baskets filled with the lovely things other wiccans from Etsy and Blogland have sent. I painted some cute Ouija Board mirrors and Halloween signs. I even found wine with Black Cats on the bottle and two others with Gypsies. The baskets are just full of jewellery, candles, incense, tarot cards and so much. One I made sort of like a wiccan Wizard of Oz with things from my Etsy shop I made for my Oz section.

I also have a Spa Basket and a huge Gourmet Cooks Basket. Then I found some other things that a good friend donated that I had misplaced so I will make another basket called All That Glitters.

All of the tickets have sold out and a lovely woman, Allison, contacted me and she has offered her services to do readings as well. This is going to be a fabulously, magical evening and I wish you all could be there.

And my house is finally all clean and put back together. I moved some things around in the kitchen. The white rabbit seems to like his new spot. Today I clean the studio.

As you can see Daisy and Rufus are no help at all......Stella concurs.


  1. Your home is beautiful!
    The baskets look so good! I wish I could come!
    I hope you have an amazing day

  2. The baskets are amazing. And, your house looks wonderful. Best of luck for a very fun event.

  3. Oh my, what wonderful baskets! That white rabbit is wonderful - I bet he's a favorite thing of yours.

    Thanks so much for joining in today.


  4. Hi Sue, love that Harvest table of yours, prim perfect. I want one but they are costly around here. Your baskets are so beautiful, what a great job,sure hope you raise alot of money for the furbabies. Blessings Francine.

  5. What a lot of lovely needfuls. My daughter would love you. She practices Wiccan too.
    May I ask where you got your throw pillows from that are at your awesome table?
    Aha! The White Rabbit! I have the White Rabbit and Alice too. Is yours the heavy stone one? I love mine and would love to decorate to match them, know what I mean :)

  6. It sounds like you have a wonderful and exciting evening planned. Hope it all goes as you wish! Your bunny has a very confident look, and seems like he has something to say! Linda

  7. Such a cozy space and I love the co-op chicks sign! Too cute. :)

  8. The pics of your house look like they came out of a magazine! Just gorgeous.

  9. Those baskets look amazing! Such a lot of thought and creativity went into them. I hope you have a wonderful time. (I love Mr. Rabbit... what a fine looking chap!)