Sunday, September 16, 2012


I was sitting upstairs today with all of the windows open because it is a glorious sunny day. All of a sudden this wonderful smell came wafting into the room.

The unmistakable aroma of Autumn Apples tingled my senses in the most delightful way.

Unless you live in farm country you cannot really imagine what that smells like. There are orchards all around our area and when the apples ripen and fall on a sunny, breezy day like this the scent surrounds you.

This is the last official week of summer and although the sun may still be very warm Fall is upon us and apples are the first Fall Harvest we get to enjoy.

When the days are a little cooler I love to make apple pies. The house is filled with the heavenly scent of baking, but not just any baking, Autumn Baking.

So as our summer slowly comes to an end I open my arms wide to welcome the Goddess of the Harvest. Bring me your ripe, red and golden apples and I shall bake you a pie!


  1. Hi Sue, can imagine how good that smells, Autumn apples, oh ya. Apple pie is my absolute favorite, will bring you a bushel. Hugs Francine.

  2. That pie does look good!

  3. I miss the smell of apples as you are talking about. The last house we lived in had 6 apple trees on it.

  4. Hello Sue!!

    I have been reading you, just very remiss in leaving comments, shame on me!

    What a lovely post this morning!! It hasn't begun to feel like fall here yet, still in the 90's . . .

    I do like apples but I have to be honest, I do not like the skin and I am so lazy about removing it, so I don't eat them!!! But bring on the PIE, LOL

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment this morning!! For the longest time I didn't know that events existed around here either and now we have a couple fairly close to me, but all the other ones are in southern California which is a plane ride or a very LONG drive!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  5. Beautiful autumn post, I love the photos and graphics! Autumn: bring it on!!!

  6. I still remember smashing home runs with all the apples in the back yard, and maybe some pears too.

  7. I love this post and I love the smell of apples just before they are picked. We tke a trip to the apple orchard this time of year. Fresh apples, cider and dounuts. Then look for pumpkins. Am not sure what the crop will bring this year because of the lack of rain. I would love a tast of your wonderous pies.