Tuesday, November 20, 2012


There was a time where a lady would not be without an apron. Not only did they wear one for cooking but a good hostess had an array of lovely ones for serving her guests.

My grandmother never wore an apron on the rare times that she was in the kitchen ( my grandfather was the cook). But my great grandmother had a huge collection of them. I remember when she came home from church or wherever she had been, she would take off her hat and coat, change into her everyday clothes and put on her apron. She always wore the full aprons that covered everything, almost like a backless dress.

Although I do have some aprons I don't always where one when I cook, most of the time I really should. At Christmas time though, I really do like to have a Christmas apron. There is just something nostalgic and comforting about the pretty patterns ont them, like this cute striped vintage one from MODECULAR MODERN ON ETSY.


Christmas aprons seem to be making a comeback. I found so many online like these two beauties. They are so lovely I would be happy to have either one of them to wear on Christmas.

Aprons are easy to make but also readily available online and in many stores. Why not get festive in the kitchen this Christmas and treat yourself to a pretty holiday apron.


  1. I don't do much cooking but have a cute apron hanging on my laundry room door just for decorating. HH does all the cooking and never wears an apron either. Years ago when we lived in the country we had a big chicken fry outside every summer, he wore an apron that we had made saying "Tom the Best Chicken Cooker Ever." Our grands still call and want Papaw to cook some fried children. Brought back memories.
    Happy Thanksgiving Wicked.

  2. Oops not fried children, fried chicken. LOL made myself laugh.

  3. One of my grandmothers always wore an apron, when I think of her, I see her in one. I always used to wear one when I was cooking, but never replaced it when the last one wore out. I would definitely wear one of these Christmas ones, they are lovely.

  4. I love aprons. I have one that I wear whenever I am doing serious cooking. I was just thinking the other day that I would love one like Esther Walton used to wear. My grandmother didn't wear an apron but she had a sort of overcoat type thing that she wore whenever she was in the kitchen. She had several and I think she made them herself. I still have a few of them, but as she was a tiny thing and I am not, I can't wear them. Maybe I should get them out and look at them again. Love this post!

  5. I remember my Mom wearing aprons when I was young and she still will occasionally put one on when cooking for a crowd in her holiday finery. I love aprons too, they can be so pretty and festive! Hmmm, might have to break out the sewing machine, the one and only project I ever sewed in Home Ec was an apron and think I can still remember how to do it! Thanks for the lovey photographs as always Sue.

  6. Ahhhhhh, the good old days when women wore aprons in the kitchen.......love all the Christmas aprons.......great post, fun to look at vintage fabric......Blessings Francine.....p.s. hug the fur babies for me.

  7. These are so very cute..
    I have an apron that I wear on occation, it is denim, but these aare so sweet. I can see baking sugar cookies while wearing one of these.