Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Well my dears, I am still decorating. I have gotten sidetracked a couple of times and I am in Toronto tomorrow so the tree will get done by Saturday. Because I decided to change things it is taking longer. I am also having a little trouble getting use to not putting everything up but there is still Christmas everywhere.

 I just wanted to show you some of the things that bring me Wonder and Joy for the Holiday Season. Like the picture above. I can just imagine a roaring fire, carols and lot of good cheer in this house.

This simple white and green in a room at Christmas is so warm. I adore a long harvest table and the wreaths in the windows. I am keeping my cooking kitchen in whites and greens this season, although my dishes are red and white.

I would love a cozy blanket like this one. I will probably have to knit one for myself, maybe for next Christmas.

A little live potted tree is so sweet. I wish I could have one but my cat's would love it too.

A little snow on Christmas morning. We sit in the studio and have hot chocolate or coffee but we have also sat on the porch early Christmas morning if we have had a nice snowfall just to welcome Christmas.

I love to have my family around me at Christmas time. Now that our son and my nieces are having little ones there is a new kind of joy and wonder, once again. I like this idea of making the kids table really special.

I have always kept the little girl me in my heart especially at Christmas but now with my little darling I get to see the wonder and joy through her eyes and that is the best present of all.

I am heading back to the decorations now. I have carols playing and the pups will want dinner soon. To all of my U.S. blogging family I wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING just in case I don't have time tomorrow. Images from PINTEREST.


  1. Beautiful images. I'm like you I try to imagine the story that goes with them, so I would imagine the cozy scene in the house too.

  2. Evening Sue, you and me both, great pictures.......Happy Decorating......Blessings Francine.

  3. Very Scandinavian looking Christmas inspiration! Will you share some pictures of your home when you are done decorating? I'm curious :)