Friday, January 11, 2013


This is what it looks like in my kitchen every day. My beautiful cherry wood floors are wall to wall in dogs. I have to wash every other day now but that's okay.

These guys make it all worth it! As you know, Rufus, Daisy and Atticus came into our lives this year. After losing our beloved babies, Duffy and Penny to old age our home was so empty we adopted Rufus in April from RESCUE DOGS MATCH. Daisy followed in June and although we did not plan on 3, Atticus, whom we were fostering, grabbed our hearts and is staying. They bring us such joy. It isn't always easy when they have been out running in the mud all day around the farm but I would not change a thing (perhaps some rain boots for all of them).

I have been volunteering with RESCUE DOGS MATCH to help Brenda raise funds for the dogs since last summer. The Gypsy Tea Party was a great success and I am hosting a Something Wicked This Way Comes party the second weekend in June. We are having a big yard sale too in May.

 Last night I went with Brenda to take a dog who looked just like Rufus to his forever home. Harry was a 3 year old who had been bought to guard a garage and the owner did not want him anymore because his kids had lost interest. He had never been inside of a house. The family who adopted Harry has a beautiful 12 year old girl. When we went into the house Harry was very happy. As you can imagine he just wanted to run around and sniff everything. The little girl put him on a leash and sat with him on the kitchen floor. After a few minutes Harry's body rested against hers and you could tell he felt safe. They just adore him.

When a dog is adopted from RESCUE DOGS MATCH they are spayed or neutered, micro chipped and have had all their shots. The adoption fee is just that cost. Brenda pays for everything else through donation money and her own funds.

 Yesterday was the last dog she could afford to have vetted. She has just run out of funds. Brenda takes the last chance dogs from the pound.  I cannot tell you how many lives she has saved.

 We went to pick up dog food from another Rescue who had an  excess of food and  this morning Brenda went to the Pet Food Bank to pick up some more.

 A small mining town in Northern Ontario closed the mine and the town is destitute. That means the animals usually starve first. People have been dropping their pets off on farms and  one person has been trying the best he can to feed them even though he has little money. Brenda is driving 4 hours to bring them some food and she will probably keep doing this for I don't know how long as well as work her three jobs and try to keep her Rescue going too.

 Right now she is waiting for a dog to be sent up from Tennessee who was used for a bait dog in fighting. The poor thing has lost her tail and ears and the vet is doing all of the medical there so Brenda can just find a loving home for this sweet girl. Brenda is very good a placing dogs. She really cares who adopts and her only concern is if the dog is happy and comfortable. She amazes me.

 Here is what I am asking my blogging family to do . Please post on your blogs the address I am giving you. All I am asking is for people to send $1.00. That is it. Put a dollar in an envelope and mailed it to the Rescue. What I am praying for is that the blogging community is large enough that this gets out there and we can raise enough money to help these beautiful animals.

 Thank you all

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  1. It breaks my heart the pain and upset animals go through. I always say if I won the lottery I would help so many animal charities (They're the one closest to my heart)
    I never knew about Atticus!! I can't believe I missed it, I'll have to catch up with your blog this weekend!
    I've just finished making a big batch of catnip fish for that Farplace charity I've mentioned on my blog. They are so amazing. So many animals are just dumped in fields and left if they can't pay the vet bills. And Farplace always help. They're amazing!

  2. I can't send a dollar, so I just donated via Paypal

  3. Hi heart breaks for these beautiful dogs who are abused so so much, I do not believe people are so cruel, I can't take hearing such stories.....god bless you and Brenda....who care what happens to dogs and rescue them, she is a Angel as are you for giving your beautiful dogs a forever home.....I will donate$20.00 to her, will mail an envelope out tomoorw to that address, sure hope that little bait dog will find a safe warm home...I sure would take her......Out here there have been so many big dogs taken from their country homes, stolen and I'm so so heartbroken over this....I fear for them......some sinister people out there doing something terrible to them, my heart can't take all this abuse for animals......Blessings Francine.

  4. I made a donation via Paypal too. God bless them!

  5. Oh Sue, your fur babies are simply too gorgeous for words, and they have such a wonderful home. I never get enough of enjoying their play and love in all that you share. ;-)

    I am so awed by Brenda's mission and your willingness to assist and take over so many fund raising activities to support her. The story about the dog from Tennessee just turns my stomach. I am in Tennessee and cannot help but be completely appalled that that nonsense still goes on here. I will get this address on my blog this week. I wish I could do it now but I am out of time for the evening and have long work hours this week. Don't give up on me and I will link it to this post. I am also on my way to donate. Wishing you a beautiful week of return on all the love and kindness you give out. Mina

  6. It is commendable what you guys do.
    When I lived in the States, I lived on a hippy commune and people used to drop off dogs the didn't want anymore there all the time. It was heart breaking. There was no way for the small population to take care of all of them, so we drove them to the pound. Then they had a week to find a new owner or they were put down :(
    In Sweden there are no stray dogs ( I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true) but there are tons and tons of thrown out cats. I have had 4 cats so far in my short adult life, and they have all been rescue cats.

  7. I have some food I can donate if that would help? I have about 6 smaller bags of beneful that I can no longer use.