Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A couple of years ago I discovered the most delectable chocolate I have ever tasted.  Now, I am very particular about my chocolate.  I love Belgium Chocolate and French Chocolate so when I first tasted this delicious, deep, velvety concoction I thought it had to be Europeon.  Much to my delight the heavenly treat was made right here in Canada!

HAGENSBORG CHOCOLATES in British Columbia, created the fabulous Truffle Pig Bars I absolutley covet.  Delicious milk or dark chocolate envelopes a creamy truffle filling all encased in an adorable pig!

They make a variety of Truffle Pig bars, like Mocha, Dark and Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, and many more.  I just found their new flavour the other day, Peanut Butter & Jam and all I can say is ...yummmmmm!  You must go to their website and have a look.

The packaging is so beautiful and whimsical.  I love the boxes of "baby" Truffle Pigs.  So cute the way they open.  Online you can buy one bar or a variety of different packages, flavours and other chocolates too.

As you know I am co-hosting a Fundraiser for RESCUE DOGS MATCH on March 2nd. and I am making baskets to raffle off.  The first people I thought of to ask to contribute to the baskets with chocolate was HAGENSBORG CHOCOLATES.

They were so kind and lovely and today their package arrived with a box of Hazelnut Truffle Pig Bars.  Not only did they send this delicious contribution they asked me to review their new product.  Well, how could I say no.

The Wild Boar Bar!  Oh, I could not wait, and I didn't.  Three scrumptious bars.  Two Dark Chocolate and one Milk Chocolate.

First let me say how much I love the package.  These Wild Boars gorging themselves on Chocolate, how incredibly cute is that.  They even continued onto the back of the package.

Now for the good stuff.  I opened the end.....

......and this is what was inside!  Not only do they make the most detailed, adorable packaging the bars are pieces of art.  Look at this, the Wild Boars even took a couple of bites.

The 70% Dark Chocolate was the first one I tried.  I snapped off a piece and it made that wonderful sound a chocolate connoisseur loves to hear.  The sharp crack means this is a really good piece of chocolate.  It was velvety and rich, not bitter at all.  One of the best Dark Chocolate bars I have ever had the pleasure to eat ( I did not eat it all, I am saving some!)

The Milk Chocolate was smooth and creamy melting so slowly on the tongue.  A true delight.  And the 64% Dark Chocolate was as lovely as the 70% a little more mellow with a subtle note of fruit.

So my review of this fabulous new Wild Boar Bar is two trotters up, HAGENSBORG CHOCOLATE makes me proud to call myself a Truffle Piggy.

Please treat your taste buds to these heavenly chocolates and stop by their website and read the Fairytale Story of their conception.

 Just a couple of more things.  First, thanks so much HAGENSBORG your chocolates with be true stars in the baskets and to my family & friends, my birthday is coming up and I would be one happy camper if I got something like this as a present.........yummmmmm!

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  1. The chocolates sound amazing, and I absolutely love their packaging too!