Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Although it may seem inconceivable, there was a time when paper dresses were made for real women to wear.

In the 1960's, dresses similar to these were all the fad in London.  They were not that much cheaper but they were unique little pieces of art.

They even made bridal dresses.  Now these were a little more reasonable than a fabric gowns and after the wedding you did not have to worry what to do with your dress.

The paper dress went out of vogue as apparel but today paper dresses are stil created for window displays and shows such as this Paper Runway.


Paper dresses have become an art form like the gorgeous 17th. century recreations of gowns made of paper from ISABELLE DE BORCHGRAVE.  Breathtaking!

These confections made of paper are so lovely it is hard to tell they are not made of cloth.  I actually like the look of the ones that are created with newsprint so you can see what they are made of.

The Paper Dress, it may not be practical but there is no denying it's beauty.


  1. How interesting! Thanks for gathering all the photos for this post. Love looking at fashion from the past. ~Ann

  2. This is different. How beautiful. I guess I just do not have the imagination to realize what different colors of paper are out there. Sure would hate to get wet in one of those. Great

  3. Hi Sue, the paper dresses are stunning, so beautiful....who would have thunk it....Francine.

  4. These are amazing! I cannot believe they are made of paper. I'd be afraid to wear one, particularly outside in case of inclement weather, but they are fascinating and beautiful just the same. Hugs, Mina