Sunday, February 17, 2013


In the 60's, when I was a very little girl, I started to love music.  My first love was of course The Beatles but then one Sunday night on The Ed Sullivan Show a couple appeared.  There on the screen was this man with a bad Beatle haircut singing with this exotic creature.  Who was this girl with the long black hair and "I don't care" look on her face.  This was my first encounter with Cher!

Sonny and Cher became "The Couple" of the 60's and part of the 70's eventually landing their own telelvision show.

My parents divorced in the early 70's and I moved in with my father.  I was 13 years old living with my dad who worked 3 shifts.  On Sunday nights I watched The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.  It saved me.  I was a lonely teenager with no female influence in my life most of the time and watching Cher being funny, musical, and sharing barbs with Sonny just made me very happy.

When Sonny and Cher divorced it broke my heart.  Would I never see her again on television?  Where would I get my Sunday night joy.  Thank goodness Cher came back with The Cher Show.  All was right in the world.

Eventually, Cher went into films.  Her performance in Silkwood showed her to be a solid actress.  I love her films, one of my favourites being Moonstruck which she won the Oscar for.  Did you know she insisted on Nicholas Cage getting that part thus really boosting his carreer.

Cher has an incredible kind heart.  When she made Mask she became interested in helping and has served as National Chairperson and Honorary Spokesperson for the Children’s Craniofacial Association since 1990, and has often donated concert tickets to families and non-profit groups for children with facial deformities.

 Among my favourite Cher films are The Witches of Eastwick, Mermaids, Tea with Mussolini ( a little gem) and her most recent Burlesque.  She gave as good as the younger girls in the film and her solo song "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' is fabulous.  She suggested Christina Aguilera for the starring role as well.

I finally got to see her live on her Heart of Stone Tour in the 90's.  I have been to a lot of concerts in my life but this one was just amazing.  The costume changes, the dancing and the songs.  I was so overwhelmed to have finally seen Cher that I cried for a few minutes.  The lonely teenager was finally getting to see her role model in person.

Over the years we have been entertained and in awe of Cher's style.  Bob Mackie has made sure she was the centre of every event she attended.  Whether you like her style or not she is now afraid to take risks and is always a showstopper. 

I  consider Cher a chameleon.  She is ever changed and evolving.  No matter what anyone says, her ageless beauty may get a little help but when you look at her 86 year old mother you can see those are some good genes there.

Cher continues to be an entertainer, huge personality, someone who does not take any crap.  When she sees an injustice being done she jumps right in.  Most recently she gave the funds for a school in Kenya that was being closed down because they could not purchase the 5 acres the school sat on.  She hired an architect and built a new school.
 So I just want to say "Thank you Cher" for many years of entertainment, kindness and bringing joy to me at a time I really needed it.

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  1. Truly an amazing talent and I remember them well. I think that they made everyone smile. Cher certainly blossomed.

  2. You know Sue, I have always loved Cher, but seeing her from your perceptions, more as a real person and not just a glamorous, gutsy entertainer, I really adore her. Thank you for this wonderful tribute. Hugs to you, Mina

  3. Wow this is great! I love her too and she is one of the most iconic beauties ever! I loved when she began acting and so glad she insisted on Nick Cage! those eyes! Great post and well done.

  4. Dearest Sue!

    I so remember all of the TV shows you share here; I was "close" to Cher because during this high time of her career with Sonny, I also had a mane of long, straight black hair, I was tall and slender and everyone told me I looked like her! I too enjoyed seeing Cher change and show us that she really is a great actress and kind human being.

    I will never forget however, when I saw her. I used to live in Los Angeles and I took dance lessons for many years. While I was taking a ballet class in Hollywood at a very good school, there was a "BUZZ" in the back classrooms. CHER WAS THERE, TAKING A PRIVATE BALLET CLASS! We all ran over to the back of the building and peeked into the window. She wore a purple leotard and one of the best ballet instructors, a darling older gentleman of about 80 was teaching her!

    Thank you for coming to visit. I will be back from my break after March 10. Going back to L.A. for a visit!!! Anita