Sunday, March 3, 2013


The GIRLS NIGHT OUT FUNDRAISER was a great success last night.  I am so grateful to everyone who participated and came out to support RESCUE DOGS MATCH.  As promised here are some pictures of the event.

There was lot of delicious food and as promised a ton of chocolate.

The Raffle Baskets turned out  fabulous.  Everyone loved them and were very excited to see all of the wonderful goodies inside which would never had been possible without the kindness of some amazing people who donated to help the cause.

I would like to thank them and you should stop by for a visit and see their gorgeous products.







Thank all of you so much the baskets were beautiful thanks to your generosity.

One of the lovely vendors donated this scrumpious jewelry set from FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION.  It was so kind of her.

The wonderful people at SHANTI TEA donated enough tea for the baskets and to serve the guest.  This is the most delicious, aromatic tea I have ever had, everyone loved it and were pleased to hear they could buy it online.  Each bag was like a little jewelled gift and the smell is just heavenly.

We had four wonderful Tarot Readers for the evening and a beautiful Henna Tattooist who was busy all night.  I love mine.  There were two fabulous Reiki women,  something I have never had done before.  When they were feeling my energy with their hands I really felt tingling and heat in my head and neck, that is where they said my strongest energy was.  My third eye is  bright and open which made me very happy.

Brenda did massages, and one of the readers also did hand massages.  The vendors had some lovely things, the whole evening was a lot of fun.  At one point I sat and watched what was going on and the energy in the room from all of these wonderful women was just vibrating.  There was a warm, loving hum in the air.  This is what happens when people get together and give freely of themselves to help others.

 We had three nice door prizes too and I had flyers for our June 8th. SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES EVENT.  I think it will sell out quickly everyone wants to come and bring their friends.  We have commitments from all of the lovely readers who were there last night to come and volunteer again for this fundraiser.

I picked up some donation boxes for Brenda to put into some stores and I put one out last night.  I had a basket of bracelets, key rings and chocolates so anyone who donated a dollar could take something.  We made $53 on that little box.

So...drum roll please.....last night, despite a slow start on ticket sales, and thanks to the amazing sales for the basket draws we made a grand total of over $1,000.00!   That was above our  expectations and we are so grateful.

Thanks to all of you wonderful, kindhearted souls who came out to help the dogs.


  1. Hi Sue, what a wonderful evening for such a great cause......everything looked so great,so happy that money was raised, kuddo's to you all, Hugs Francine.

  2. It sounds like a fantastic evening, and all for a good cause.
    Sue, we have a new family member! I have posted about her today.

  3. Oh Sue! What a fabulous event you put on! I love everything about it. The food, the prizes, the henna (my daughter does henna tattoos) the decor, and of course the cause. Thank you so much for sharing this fun and I can't wait for June! Warmest hugs, Mina