Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 Do you have a fabulous, organized closet?  I have tried.  The trouble with living in an old farmhouse is that they were built with no closets.  Armoires were used for hanging clothes.

My husband built a closet in our bedroom for me about 10 years ago but it just does not work.  The rack is too high and it is not wide enough.  Everything is jammed in there and falls down.  I really dread getting out clothes.

 We have a 3 bedroom house.  Our sons old room is still a bedroom all done very cottage with the bed built into the wall, I love it.  The third bedroom is our computer room/office/reading room.  It is a fair size and one day I looked around and realized that I could still fit the computer and loveseat in there if we built a closet along the back wall with the slanted ceiling.

 If I wanted to give up my whole room I could have a gorgeous closet room, maybe not as large as any of these but it would be pretty amazing.  But where would I put the computer and sofa?  I don't really need a closet that large.  They look rather daunting to build too.

 Then I saw this picture and they seem quite easy.

 But still, I really do not need it.  I want something that I can hang my clothes comfortably in and a place to display my shoes and I have not decided whether my handbags will go in there or if I will put them in a seperate cupboard.  I have collected handbags my whole life.  My first I bought with my own money when I was 10.  I have vintage, new, handmade, ethnic, in total after I scaled down last year, around 47.

 I love this, so cute but I think I like solid doors.

I also wrestled with the idea of two large armiores but I think I will have more room with a built in.

 This is the design I have decided on.  I just don't know what kind of doors I want.  Sliding or hinged.  Now I just have to clean out the computer room.  Oh, we are also totally tearing apart our bedroom and putting down pine floors.  I figured we had to rip out that old closet my husband built anyway......having a home you just never stop!


  1. I'd love to have a closet like any of those but know that mine would never, ever be that clean. I have a tendency to just open the door and throw stuff in when I'm in a hurry to straighten things up. Can't wait to see what y'all build and I'm sure the pine floors will be heavenly.

  2. I know all about the "never stops" thing. As soon as one project is (not even) over, my eyes fall on something else I want to change! And closet space is always an issue. Living in a cottage, we don't have a proper hallway. One comes almost straight into the kitchen walking through the front door. What to do with coats, shoes, bags, scarves etc etc...

  3. Yes, I have a very organized closet...always have. I am slightly OCD so a disorganized closet makes me very nervous. (I gotta say, I got palpitations looking at your top picture!) It also makes mornings easier...my clothes are organized by type and style. We've always live in older farmhouse-style homes, so feel your pain. I have used all kinds of shelving and racks in the past. Now they have such marvelous closet systems, that makeshift has almost become obsolete. I walked into a Container Store last fall with a friend (I'd never been) and was in OCD heaven! All kinds of items to make the most of any closet or cabinet space. My MIL uses those space save bags that you suck the air out of. It freed up so much space in her linen closet, that she can now store other items that used to by shoved into the bottoms of other closets. Like I said, so many more options than we used to have, its truly amazing.

  4. Morning Sue, a girl can dream can`t she :) Francine.

  5. My humble suggestion is to take a look around IKEAhacker.net for some practical and creative ideas.

  6. So many beautiful ideas. I could do with all those shoe racks, as I can never find the pair I am looking for.