Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We have had many dogs, cats, and rabbits since we bought our farm years ago.  We have always been careful to feed them well.  Of course, being what they are, pets can sometimes be fussy.  Not all of the dogs liked the same food.

When we adopted Rufus last Spring, I thought we would only have the one dog for a year until we got another.  My husband always took care of feeding the dogs but this time I wanted to do it because I was home more now.  I went to Walmart to buy some food and this bag caught my eye.  I must admit it was the Union Jack that did it.  Then I read the ingredients and the fact that it was not animal tested and I bought my first bag of HARRINGTONS DOG FOOD.

Here is a little history about Harringtons from their website and then I will tell you why I love them so much.

"In the late 19th Century, Great Grandfather Harrington (our current Chairman's grandfather) started a milling business in Yorkshire, England. From milling, we became animal feed manufacturers before moving to pet food in the mid-1980's.

Three generations later, Harringtons retain a proud family tradition of producing top quality pet foods, sourcing locally grown products wherever possible. We aim to give your pets wholesome food free from any artificial flavours or colours.

Harringtons is manufactured in our purpose built factory near Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Built in 2003, the factory now has some 150,000,000 kg's of extrusion capacity and an equivalent amount of packaging capacity. The current Harringtons dog food range was launched in 2008 with the aim of making premium pet foods affordable to as many potential customers as possible - without compromise on quality. In 2010 the range was increased to include oven baked dog treats and this year , 2012, we have extened our range to include smaller animals and we now produce Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster and Gerbil foods - under the banner of Harringtons "Optimum".

We made our first shipment to Canada in 2010. In 2012 we launched our Harringtons Dog Treats and Optimum Range. Our products are available across Canada at Walmart."

How can you not love a company that is so committed to the care and feeding of animals.  This family run company truly believes in giving the best food to all animals great and small.

Well, Rufus loved this food!  With other foods we have had to add a little wet to get the dogs to eat it but Rufus gobbled every last bit up.

Then, of coarse, Daisy came along.  She had food issues, she was a fussy and slow eater.  I added a little ground turkey to the Harringtons at first to get her to eat a little faster.  Now she gets very happy when she sees the HARRINGTONS  bag and eats it dry.  And, Harringtons does not give my dogs gas, anyone who has had that problem will appreciate why that is a good thing.

I was so pleased with this food that I e-mailed the company and they very promptly e-mailed back.  They have a facebook page where they post happy furry customers and asked for a picture of my babies.  This is the picture on the HARRINGTONS FACEBOOK PAGE.  Daisy and Rufus joined many other happy pets whose families posted their pictures.

On the FACEBOOK page HARRINGTONS also posts pictures of events they are involved in.  Not only does this wonderful company make good, healthy food they support many charity events as well. 

 They support the NATIONAL BLACK CAT DAY which I also support.

HARRINGTONS makes food for rabbits too and supports RABBIT AWARENESS WEEK.  How wonderful!

I saw today on their website that they have started a "I'M AWARE...ARE YOU?" Yellow Ribbon initiative.  Here is what that is about.

"Each dog is different and they have individual likes, dislikes, needs and wants, just like us humans.
Yellow Ribbon InitiativeAlthough it is important that owners train and socialise their dogs, sometimes a dog just needs some space.

There are lots of reasons why dogs need extra space, sometimes for just a short time:
  • They are unwell or recovering from an operation
  • They are in training and need to focus
  • They have been rescued, and need some time to adjust and be assessed
  • They have had a bad experience and are nervous or reactive to certain situations

The Yellow Ribbon Initiative is simple:

If a dog needs space, they wear a yellow ribbon or collar.
Harringtons pet food is pleased to announce their full support of the international yellow ribbon initiative with the launch of the 'I'm aware ... Are you?' campaign."

I cannot have enough praise for HARRINGTONS.  Well, maybe just a little more. 

After we adopted Rufus and Daisy from Brenda at RESCUE DOGS MATCH  and then fostered and ended up adopting Atticus, I was so pleased with the results of HARRINGTONS food, all of the dogs love it, that I told Brenda it would be a great product for the Foster Dogs.  As you know Brenda really cares about who adopts her dogs and what they eat.

HARRINGTONS is so exclusively through Walmart in Canada.  I got in touch with them to see if we could buy the food by bulk with a discount.  Unfortunately, they did not carry large quantities.  I got in touch with Harringtons directly in England and they e-mailed me right away.  To make a long story short, the company put me in touch with a Canadian Representitive and Brenda now is able to buy larger quantities of Harrington dog food for the Foster dogs.

So, on behalf of Rufus, Daisy, Atticus and all dogs, cats, bunnies, gerbals, and hampster, thank you HARRINGTONS, for caring and doing such an incredible job.

Stop by and visit their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page to see some very happy customers.


  1. Great news happy Brenda can feed the dogs good dog food, they deserve the best......Love the picture of your dogs at the door looking beautiful, Francine.

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! What a truly amazing company. It is not available here but I saw on their website that it may be through Amazon. How wonderful of you to introduce it to us all and to go to such trouble to obtain a rep for Brenda. You are wonderful, Sue!

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  4. My rabbit truly enjoys this food product. Wish that more pet stores in Toronto would carry it.