Friday, August 30, 2013


I have a lot of cooking utensils.  I love to cook and I do admit I am a bit of a gadget collector.  I don't mean the silly ones on t.v. but things like a big Kitchen Aid mixer, different sized Cuisinart choppers, Mandolines, roasters of different sizes, lots of different baking tins, every size you can imagine of frying pans and pots.

I have so many that my husband built a big cupboard in the mudroom beside the washer and dryer.  That was fine until the washer broke and we had to remove the cupboard to get the old set out.  Everything was piled on the kitchen floor and counters.  The other problem is the dogs sleep in the mudroom too on three giant beds so whenever I needed a pan I had to climb over these beds.  Something has to change!

I have had my pots and pans in the cupboards but frankly they never stay like this and I have too many  and not enough  cupboards.

 My husband suggested putting them on the shelves or a pot rack.  I really don't like all of that stuff on display in my kitchen and they are not all the type of things that would fit properly on a shelf.  As for the pot rack I am always afraid they would fall and don't your pots have to be quite shiny to look great on a pot rack.

Now this is my dream!  I wish when we had built our kitchen I had done a walk in pantry but I thought the big sized cupboards were enough.  I did not plan on having so many  cooking things.  I highly recommend anyone who is designing a home,whether large or small, put in a walk in pantry and make a small room for keep all of you seasonal items, like Christmas and Halloween decorations, off season clothing and the such.  This should be in every designers work book, that little everything room.

I finally came up with a solution to my dilemma.  We have a lot of old furniture we have not used from my grandmother's estate.  As you know she was and Antique's Dealer so she had a lot of unfinished stock.  There is a table I love that I would never have the room to use as a table.  It is an old fashioned farm table with a lovely rustic Maple top, it is around 3 and a half feet long by 2 feet wide.  It has a deep skirt and straight legs.  It is just the right size to make into a cupboard with up and down slats of different widths to fit my odd shaped kitchen cooking things.  We are going to put it on wheels so I can move it and get to the cupboard in the corner that is always hard to open.  I have an gorgeous old dough box there right now with my coffee maker on one side in a tray and all of my oils on the other in another tray.  I store some dishes inside of it but I really need to have a proper pot and pan storage cupboard so the dough box will have to find a new home somewhere else in the house.

I cannot wait to get this new project going.  First we have to build two armoise and a toy box for our litte Princesses new bedroom then I will get my Pantry on Wheels.  I will keep you posted.

 Just one last thing.  I saw this on Pinterest and it made me giggle.  We've come a long way baby!


  1. LOL at the good wife . . . .

    I got rid of a lot of things when we remodeled our kitchen and actually now have an empty drawer and some spare space in some of the cupboards!

    My husband is the one who likes things for the kitchen! Not me, the kitchen and cooking aren't my thing. I would never have made a "good" wife back in the day!!!


  2. Some of those storage ideas are great, but a walk-in pantry would be the best! I can't wait to see how your project turns out.