Sunday, September 1, 2013


As you know we have 3 adorable adopted babies from RESCUE DOGS MATCH and that is how I started to volunteer raising funds and helping with whatever I can.

This is Lennox.  His owners put him into a Boarding Kennel and left him there.  After three weeks he was sent to the Pound where he sat in a cage for 6 weeks.  He is a lovely 5 year old gentle giant who became so stressed he chewed through his tail to the bone.

Brenda got a call to save his life.  Friday would have been his last day on this earth.  An urgent Facebook post got him a temporary Foster Home for the weekend unitl Tuesday when the nice guy who wants to take him in as a permanent Foster gets back from holidays.

This gorgeous guy needs surgery on his tail before the infection gets worse.

When the nice woman who took him for the weekend picked him up he instantly changed.  He was so happy to be out that he was like a pup.  She has three dogs of her own and he plays with the puppy.

This is not the clearest picture but you can see how happy Lennox is in this gorgeous back yard yesterday.

I am asking my fellow bloggers to please, please, help me get the word out for some donations.  If you can donate a little great if not please post something with a link back to my post or to RESCUE DOGS MATCH where you can donate through PAYPAL or through another link.

Brenda is picking up another Shepherd from the pound on Tuesday as well who will need a lot of love to trust again.  His owners abandoned him in a crate in their apartment where he was left for over 3 weeks with no food or water and infested so badly with fleas he had to be shaved.  He has been in the pound for 4 months.

I am hoping the power of the blogging media will help us.  Thank you all so much and have a lovely Labour Day Weekend.


  1. It just breaks my heart to think that someone could treat their animals this way. I will definitely make a donation. So glad they are going to have new homes. ~Roberta

  2. I'm so sorry anyone treats dogs or animals this way! I wish I could help but I have 20$ to my name and I wish I could help, but I'm sending heart felt wishes for the dogs and that you get the funds needed!!!

  3. OMG, Sue. I know you told me about this in email but to see the images and read this post just brings me to tears. Bless you and Brenda for all you do to help these babies. It's just mind boggling how cruel and insensitive people can be. All my love to you, Mina