Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I woke up this morning and it was actually quite cold.  Cold enough to not open the doors.  It is amazing how quickly it changed overnight.

It was pitch dark at 8:30 last night, the air cooled around 7.

The flowers of summer are waning and Fall blooms are beginning to burst.  Of course the days will still be warm and lovely but in a blink it will be Fall.  It has not been the best summer weather wise but all  in all it was summer and it is sad to say goodbye once again.

 So HELLO SEPTEMBER nice to see you again.  I am looking forward to you bounty and bundling up on the cool evenings sipping hot tea......but let's see summer for just a little longer.


  1. Fall is definitely in the air. Still plenty warm in Ky. however. I love fall but dread the winter. Of course we take it all in stride. There are special joys in every season.

  2. I can feel Fall creeping in too,Sue, love it. The days are shorter, cooler nights, Bring on the pumpkins. Blessings Francine.

  3. Yes, most definitely there is a change in the air. Fall is just around the corner, Mabon is well on it's way. We have leaves turning and falling here as well. It's really coming fast and I'm loving it. I love all the seasons but there is something so magically charged with this time of year.

    Brightest blessings for a beautiful autumn, Bird

  4. I am ready for change. Hoping September has something special in store for me!

  5. Oh, bring on the fall months for me! Our Tennessee falls are just the perfect temperatures, no longer sweltering hot and rarely too cold. The trees are gorgeous and the air actually feels lighter and a bit mischievous. Okay, maybe the latter is me knowing that Halloween is close. ;-) Warm hugs sweetie. Mina