Monday, November 18, 2013


I cannot believe it has been a week since my last post.  It's been a bit crazy around the farm.  Our new little baby grandson is due to arrive this Friday morning so there has been lots of running around to do.

In between Christmas decorating I have been painting and distressing the set of cupboards we built for our sweet little girl.  There never seems to be enough closet space in our son's home.  He is a bit of a clothes hog himself so he has taken over the closet in his little girls room so we built a wall with two large armoires and a toy box in the middle.  I will post some pics this week.

Now back to my Christmas decorating.  I am almost finished, just touching up the kitchen.  I will put the big tree up by Wednesday, it would have been done but I would like to get some new Christmas balls the old ones look a bit tired.

As you know I am Norwegian/Canadian so we celebrate 2 Christmas's.  St. Lucia Day, our Scandinavian Christmas is on December 13th.  Because of this I find the Scandinavian blogs have their decorating done starting now and it is always beautiful.  I love the candles, wreaths and all of the white and green.

Everything looks so festive and clean.  Brightness and light fill the rooms and nature is hung or potted everywhere, I just love it.  I have my studio decorated in the Scandinavian tradition, very white and open.  I have decorated in my home more that way this year too, I will show you later. 

God Jul is a time of celebration, a time to embrace the snow and joy of the season.  White decor brings a warmth to the homes during the long Scandinavian winters.  Living in Canada I can appreciate that, I just wish we still had White Christmas's, the snow always makes things bright even when it is freezing outside.

I am looking forward to the hussle and bussle of Christmas.  Lots of new babies this year, lots more to love.  I cannot wait to introduce the little ones to the Norwegian traditions I love.  In a few years we will sit down to our Christmas breakfast of oatmeal and one lucky person will find the Marzipan Pig and get a gift.  What traditions to you pass on in your family, I would love to hear about them.


  1. A beautiful post and congratulations on the upcoming birth of your grandchild. This will be one special Christmas for you all.

  2. Being Scandinavian is great come Jul! We celebrate all four Advent Sundays leading up to jul, Lucia on the 13th, Christmas Eve the 24th and usually also both Christmas Day and Boxing Day :)
    This year I am blogging every Advent, about how we celebrate being atheist Swedes.

  3. Hi Sue, love that look with all the reds....the pictures are beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  4. Gorgeous and beautiful and magical. I love all the white with the beautiful green pine standing out. Enjoy all the new additions to your family and may you all be cozy and warm this winter, Bird

  5. What a fun and interesting blog! I love all the white and green - so clean and fresh looking. Makes me want to go paint something. :-) BTW, I'm your newest follower, via GFC and Feedly! Stop in sometime. :-)

  6. PS And I see you're another dog lover. :-)

  7. I'm SO sorry that I'm taking up all your comment boxes!! But I thought you might enjoy this doggie post.

  8. I have some Scandinavian heritage as well. I think I have a little of everything mixed up in my crazy lineage.
    I really appreciate the red and white combination, and of course touches of evergreen boughs.

    We used to have huge family get togethers but now with loved ones spread all over holidays are very quiet and low key.