Friday, November 22, 2013


I think perhaps in one of my past lives I was a shepherdess with a herd of goats.  As a child Heidi was one of my favourite films, because she got to spend her days with goats.

 I have always loved goats.  They look at you and they seem so wise.  They are always happy to see you ( yes I do know food has a lot to do with it).  Whenever I am out driving and see a herd I stop and watch them.  If I am lucky they will come up to the fence for a visit.  When we first bought our farm I had a job at a large dried flower operation which was run from the country home of the owners.  The main reason I took the job was because they had a small herd of goats.  Miniature goats and Fainting goats.  They were adorable.  I spent my lunches with them.  They liked to cuddle and the Fainting goats would "faint" if they felt threatened, usually by loud noises.

Goats a quite affectionate, with each other and to people.  I love to watch them frolick and play in the fields.  I even like when they gently nibble on you to get your attention.  I wish we could have a herd here but we have never had the time or the heated barns for a herd.  A couple of years ago a farm brought in a large herd of goats.  I thought they were brought for goats milk and cheese and I went over to see if I could volunteer to help in exchange for time with the goats and some lessons in cheese making, a passion of mine.  When I got to the farm and read the sign, I quickly left, very sad and disappointed.  The goats were not there for cheese making...that's all I will say.

One day I will find a farmer who raises goats with love for their milk to make cheeses.  How wonderful that would be to make your own cheese.  It is something I have always wanted to learn how to do.  Adding herbs and different flavourings, shaping it, rolling it in ashe or herbs and aging it .  Oh, how lovely.

I used to set goals for myself.  A while back I set three... one was to become a Potter, which I did, two was to learn to eat with chopsticks, done, and three was to fly in a hot air balloon, hopefully that will be accomplished next summer at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Barrie.  Perhaps it is time for some new goals.  One, take Salsa lessons, two, learn to speak Norwegian flluently, three....become a Cheese Artisan & find a herd of goats who would like some company!


  1. Morning Sue, I think the last three ones are far better, no hot air ballon for me thank you......I think owning goats and making cheese would be great, Blessings Francine.

  2. The last house we lived in one of our neighbors had a goat. He said he got it to eat the grass on the Hill. HA! HA! I have wanted to make soap and thought of using goats milk. Maybe next year I will give it a try.

  3. You are welcome to visit me. There are MANY soap makers in the area and using goat milk for different kinds of projects.

    You set some ambitious goals.
    Mine right now is to get all the dishes washed at the same time and to get at least ten minutes of natural sunlight a day.