Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I spent all day yesterday decorating the farmhouse outside for Christmas.  It has become a tradition of mine.  One or two days after Halloween I put everything outside up, the weather is usually quite nice, (glad I did it yesterday, it is raining today) so I got smart some years ago after freezing near the end of November.

I love the look of houses lit for Christmas.  Living in the country where there are houses spread out I always wanted to really deck the halls so people could see us when they drove down the road.  Only one other neighbour puts out lights, they decorate their pine tree.  Every year I have added more lights.  Last year for the first time I noticed the neighbours had put lights on their porch, perhaps I am a good influence.

I have scaled it back a bit.  I used to decorate everything, well, maybe not the animals but everything else had bows or boughs or onaments attached.

Now I have reached a happy medium.  Not quite as many lights that would attract planes but a few more than the cabin.

Next year I am going to put lights under the eaves of my hippie house, I may do it this year if hubby agrees to help.  I love the look of this little house all light up, so cute.  I may even put some boughs and bows on it....hmmmmmm.

This weekend I am starting the inside.  It usually takes me a few days although I did say I was not putting so much up this Christmas.  The new baby is coming on November 22 so we will have Christmas at our sons this year.  I am still doing a family Christmas on December 15th. and our annual Christmas party is on the 30th. of November so perhaps I will go all out.  We'll have to see after I open the "Christmas Cupboard"  I swear it grows on it's own over the summer.  Stay tuned!


  1. I do enjoy seeing houses decorated for Christmas. In our village there is little street lighting, so the houses really stand out. When I was a child, decorating the outside of houses was not really done. My brother and I used to get excited spotting lit Christmas trees through windows!!

  2. My Grand daughter and I love to go for rides in the country and look at lights ~ we always hope it snows when we go!
    Happy decorating!
    Prim Blessings

  3. Where do you get all of this energy? ;-) I am so glad you had a beautiful day for decorating and I know it looks gorgeous as all of your tasks do.

    My little great nephew was born last night. 7 lbs, 11 oz and 23" long. He is too, too, too adorable. I am going to be one of those crazy great aunts, I just know it. lol All my love to you sweetie. Mina

  4. Hi Sue, happy you like to decorate the outside to, I enjoy decorating with the lights. I don't over do it, not like on the movie Christmas Vacation anyway......Love all those wonderful pictures you posted, getting me in the holiday spirit. is a tradition every year to drive around country and city to view the lights, Blessings Francine.

  5. Nice. Everything looks so happy and dressed up.

  6. Good Morning,
    Just love your Holiday Decor...expecially the lights outdoors!!

    Have a thoughtful Thursday ~Natalie

  7. I would have started already too but the weather has been unbelievably windy, cold and rainy this season. I love lights on a house at Christmas time. I will have to start something soon outside. Our Witch is still on the porch... maybe I can Yule her up. LOL Maybe not, she is holding a pumpkin. Congrats on the coming new addition to your family. Grandbaby is born quite near my sister's birthday. Brightest blessings and enjoy your decorating!

  8. I love to se the photos and to take the drive around to look at lights.
    When I was younger I loved to see the crazy yards with moving displays and coordinated music. Now I prefer a more elegant and festive style.

    There are a few near us who do decorate a tractor display and a concrete compant who always has one of their trucks lit up.

  9. Love to see lights up. It's so very welcoming:)
    We are starting this week on the inside, it comes and goes so quickly, might as well start sooner.
    Have a good one.