Sunday, November 3, 2013


I told you a couple of weeks ago that we were getting 11 puppies from a farmer to foster.  Well, we only got 9 (ONLY!) he kept one and gave one away.

The little darlings arrived and were bigger than I thought and really hungry.  they were adorable and we fell in love with them.

I named each one, they each had great personalities.  Here they are.

We brought them to their permanent Foster homes last week and boy was that hard.  We had them for 4 days but we loved them and they loved us.  We met the fosters and got to pick who went where.  Harper was adopted that day.  Fergus and Findley stayed together as did Ozzie and Magnus as well as Haden and Shadow.  Little Harlow went to a foster with a Great Dane.   Harper and Harlow were the tiniest and the only girls but they took no guff from their big brothers.  I heard from the foster mom that Harlow is the boss of the house over the Great Dane.  So far Jasper, Findley, Harper, Shadow, and Haden have been adopted.

 It was quite an experience and I thank Brenda from RESCUE DOGS MATCH for the opportunity.  Not many people get to have 9 smiling, barking pups greeting them every morning.

Atticus, Rufus and Daisy are glad it is over though.  Rufus was indifferent, Atticus a little hurt and Daisy took on look at them and ran.


  1. There should be a warning on this post of cuteness overload! They are all so adorable. What an experience. I hope the others get adopted soon.

  2. Oh, my goodness, they are just adorable! And I am impressed that you were able to capture of photo of each of them. I know how 'busy' puppies and be!!

    Have a Marvelous Monday. ~Natalie

  3. Morning Sue, awwww they are all so sweet, puppies are so adorable also loved the names you picked for them all. Sure hope the find loving homes, so many out there need good homes, makes me sad. Blessings Francine.

  4. From the photos Magnus was my favorite.
    They look like they are going to be BIG boys.

    Did the rescue help him get the parents altered?

    What was your inspiration behind the names, or just as personality appealed to you?

    9 puppies is fun for a weekend or so, but having them running and pooping everywhere for 8 weeks or more would get to be an energy drain.
    A young person's job for sure.
    (or group effort)

  5. They are all so cute. I like the looks of Fergus. Wished I could have a dog after looking at the little ones.

  6. They are gorgeous! Little Shadow looks just like my Dylan did when he was a pup. Oh I miss that boy!
    I really respect and admire those that foster. You are awesome!

  7. Oh my gosh, how adorable. I love dogs, and puppies have such great breath when they're that young. I don't know anyone who doesn't love puppy breath. LOL! I'm so happy they are getting permanent homes. Bright blessings to you and yours, Bird

  8. They're beautiful:)
    You are awesome.. Happy to hear they're doing great!!!

  9. There's a special place in Heaven for you and the folks at Rescue Dog Match. So wonderful that those beautiful pups are now in a safe place, sending up good thoughts that they all get loving permanent homes. Deb

  10. Oh my, what beautiful puppies. Anyone who fosters doge have a wondrous heart to foster dogs. It would be so very hard for me to give anyone of them up. Your photos make me smile.

  11. Oh Sue, I am in puppy love! You do know you may possible go down in saint-hood for this. What an incredible, challenging, adorable experience this must have been for you and yours. Of course Daisy ran the other way...she's the female and instinctively knows what all of this care will entail. lol

    Thank you so much for sharing this place of tender love. Hugs, Mina