Sunday, February 9, 2014


My Great Grandmother was a lover of Vintage Costume Jewellry.  Now I say Vintage because now it is Vintage but most of what she wore she had bought in the 30's and 40's.

Every Sunday she went to church "Dressed to the NInes" as they used to say.  The shoes matched the bag, the gloves matched the hat she was adorned by rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and of course, a brooch.

Her name was Olive, I saw this Brooch today but alas it was already sold.

I have some of her jewellry, a few brooches but unfortunately, most of it was so by my Great Uncle when she passed.  I wish I had more of the brooches.  She had them in every shape and size and some lovely Heart Brooches too.

As Valentine's Day approaches I find myself longing for a Vintage Heart Brooch.  I can only dream of one as lovely as these two Edwardian pieces, they are of museum stock and far out of my price range.

There is something about  Edwardian Jewellry, especially the Brooches.  I can just see a husband or suiter going to his Jeweller weeks before Valentine's Day and having a piece commissioned like one of these beauties.  Opal surrounded by Emeralds and Diamonds or a gorgeous Amethyst encased with tiny Pearls.

The elegance of The Victorian's is seen in these magnificent Double Heart Brooches.  Opals seem to play a big part in Victorian Jewellry.   I can just imagine a Lady opening  a delicate velvet box and inside her love has gifted her with their hearts entwined and covered in sparkling Diamonds.

Oh, and the Pearls, we must not forget the Pearls.  What dazzling beauty, she must have felt very special wearing one of these Double Heart Brooches to an evening of dinner and dancing on Valentine's Day.

There was a small period a few years ago that Brooches were considered an "Old Ladies" piece of jewellry.  I do not think this is the case.  They are back in vogue and the Vintage pieces are once again very popular, I think so anyway, by the cost of some. 

I am far from "an old lady" and I will be wearing a Heart Shaped Brooch on Valentine's Day.  It may not be Vintage, not yet anyway, perhaps next Valentine's Day.


  1. Beautiful brooches Sue, those Edwardian pieces are breathtaking! I love brooches, pin them on to your coat and away you go. Our Mixed Media group exchanges 'pins' quite often and I treasure the ones I've received. Have a happy Valentine's Day! Deb

  2. Morning Sue, love the brooches, each one so beautiful. My Mother still wears brooches every day, Blessings Francine.

  3. Beautiful brooches ...isn't it lovely to dream and drool...enjoy your day hugs lil raggedy Angie

  4. So many pretty pins. I love putting them on pillows instead of leaving them in my jewelry box.