Monday, February 10, 2014


As I began to wake up this morning something familiar touched my face....sun!  My cheek felt warm and I lay there for a few more minutes and began to dream.

I was waking up in a lovely farmhouse on the French countryside.  I could hear the chickens clucking happily in the yard, I could smell the cafe brewing.

From my sundrenched bedroom window I could see the sheep watching the farmhouse waiting for me to walk in the field to greet them and then coming back to relax under the trees in the morning sun.

After a long, quiet boat ride I was back on the farm making a delicious dinner to be eaten outside with friends as the warm sun touched our faces.

Alas, I woke up and the gate closed on my French Farmhouse Dream.  The sun still touched my cheek but as I looked out the window of my farmhouse the ground was blanketed with fresh snow and the sun seemed brighter as it reflected into our bedroom window.  This has been a long hard winter for everyone and I hope Spring comes soon but for now I will retreat back into my French Farmhouse Dream.


  1. Oh Sue, I felt like I was right there with you, so lovely, Francine.

  2. I refuse to wake up! I will not give up the lavender!! Or the café!!!

  3. Such a beautiful dream, I would have to linger and savor the memory of the sun's warmth for a while longer. I am longing for the beach near John's Pass in Florida, So many special romantic memories there with my husband.

  4. Merci, mon ami for the trip to France! Hang in there, Spring has to happen soon, doesn't it?!

  5. What a beautiful dream! So vivid and warm. We finally have some sun here as well, and I am so happy. Spring is close, my friend. Let's hold that in mind together. Warmest hugs, Mina