Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I love to make desserts anytime but I especially love Valentine's Desserts.  The red, pink and white colours are just so inviting and enticing.

Why not start the morning off with a delicious Valentine Hot Chocolate.  These Heart Shaped Marshmallows are easy just cut the middle out of a regular marshmallow with a small heart cookie cutter.

Cookies have always been a favourite Valentine gift for me.  I adore the shapes and decorations.  Those little love notes and envelopes are so sweet and the plate of pastel cookies are delectable.  My favourites are the striped heart cookies I am making these for Valentine's Day.  Nothing is simpler than wrapping one lovely cookie and tying a bow on the package.  I think this is a nicer gift than a box of chocolates.  And feeling really ambitious, why not a cute Cookie Bouquet.

 And let us not forget the Cupcake.  They have become so popular the past few years and now some Culinary Snobs think they are "Out of Fashion" well I still love them.  A little decorated single cake just for you what could be better. I love the simplicity of the first three.  You do not have to be a cake decorator to do these.  Pipe some icing or just hand do some and buy the sugar heart decorations.  I love the way the first one seems to have the little hearts floating on the icing.

Sprinkles and a candy rose adorn the next one and you can buy Valentine picks just about anywhere now.  Mind you the hearts inside the cupcake are a little more difficult.  How about a cupcake bouquet or just put a bouquet on a cupcake.

Valentine dessert does not have to be high calorie either.  Just look at these.  The Strawberry Brownie Kabobs are simple and low cal, check them out at ERICA'S SWEET TOOTH BLOG.

And the Perfect Hot Chocolate and Hot Chocolate Cookies on CHOCOLATE COVERED KATIE'S  THE HEALTHY DESSERT BLOG are to die for.

If you don't have the time or inclination to bake why not do one of these simple treats.  A store bought Cheese cake, some jam puree, whipped cream and berries and voila you have a dessert that looks like you worked for hours.  Store bought pink wafer cookies dipped in icing and some sugar decorations added look delightful.  Put some strawberries on a skewer, dip in coloured white chocolate and use store bought tube icing to make a swirl and you have a bouquet for you honey.  Now this is something I can have even on my diet.  Luscious strawberries sliced in four and filled with whipped cream, low fat for me.

I have saved my favourites for last.  I just crave anything Red Velvet.  Just look at these Red Velvet Oreo Brownies from PIZZAZZERIE.COM  these almost make me want to go off of my diet...almost!

These fabulous little Red Velvet Cupcake Pots from PLACE OF MY TASTE  are just so sweet, who would not want these for Valentine's Day.

Whether you choose to go really elaborate or keep it simple do something a little different this Valentine's Day.  I would love to hear some of your ideas.

The first and last photos are credited to ELIZABETH ANNE DESIGNS.COM


  1. Hubby and I have no idea what we're doing yet. But I will tell you, I want all the cookies. I love cookies. They are my favorite, especially if they are frosted. It may have to be a cookie filled Valentine's Day.

  2. I have no plans for Valentine's but am I ever craving sweets now...I love a beautiful cookie or cupcake most...I'm sure I'll make my lil princess pink pancakes and who knows what else... enjoy your evening hugs lil raggedy Angie

  3. Oh my, what a delicious post! I'm not a baker but think I could manage the hot chocolate with the heart shaped marshmallows, cute! Thanks for sharing Sue.

  4. Oh honey, my mouth is watering! Sugar is my kryptonite. lol These images are perfect.