Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Well, it has been a busy couple of days here on the farm.  Where do I start.  First, I would like you to meet Eda and her brand new 5 puppies.  Rescue Dogs Match rescued poor Eda from a deplorable situation.  She was in Northern Ontario, chained outside in the cold, pregnant and starving.  She came here last week and settled right into her warm, safe Foster home.  Yesterday Eda gave birth to 6 puppies, unfortunately one was stillborn.  Rescue Dogs Match is having a Fundraising Campaign to vet the pups and mom.  I have issued a challenge to everyone to donate the money they would spend on coffee or tea from their favourite coffee place, you fellow Canadians know I mean Tim Horton's, and donate that money, not matter how small, to Eda.  Here is the link if you are interested.


Also from the same area came these four little girls.  The one black pup was frozen to the road but she is fine now.  We are fostering them.  One of the beige pups is already in here Forever home.  I have named the little black girl Nikki & Nora, I was watching the Thin Man when they came.  I named the little beige girl Winnie because she reminds me of Winnie the Pooh.  They are happy little girls, full of energy.  Nikki and Nora are 2 months old and have been adopted together, they go to their family next week.  Little Winnie is 3 months old and misses her sister and she is still up for adoption.  These beautiful little darlings were going to be "Culled"  that is what they do to deer when they are overpopulated.  The area they came from is overrun with dogs so the local authority shoots them.  When Rescue Dogs Match heard of this they spread the word and took the four pups and Eda.

The other thing that has been keeping me so busy is the annual Girls Night Out Fundraiser for Rescue Dogs Match.  This is a great one with lots of Tarot Readers, Masseuse, Reiki , a Vendors Market and I just had a group of Mediums volunteer to do a show, so exciting!

Every cent will go to vet the dogs.  At around $350.00 per dog, that is with a discount, it adds up fast so if you want to donate anything, anytime just go to Rescue Dogs Match or blog about it.  Also, would you kindly, please go to Rescue Dogs Match Facebook Page and "Like" them.  Brenda is trying to built up her networking to spread the word about the dogs.

It is our little Sweethearts 3rd. Birthday on Sunday so we are giving her a Lalaloopsy Party here on the farm.  With the new little guy it is a lot of work so we decided to do it here.  I am making button cookies, Lalaloopys cupcakes and cake and lots and lots of Lalaloopsy decorations.  I hope my litte Doll does not go into Lala overload!  I will post losts of pictures next week.

So, that is my week, how about yours?


  1. You are such a Angel to help this wonderful rescue. My heart breaks hearing how someone abuses dogs, my heart cannot take it but thank The Lord for people such as you and the rescues, Blessings Francine.

  2. Hi again...
    Cute pups! Are you by any chance looking for donations for gift baskets or prizes? Because I donated an item to you before from my Etsy shop for the rescue fundraiser...
    Also, I just adopted my first dog myself! She looks quite a bit like your rescued mama Eda. See pics here:
    and here: http://autumndamiana.blogspot.com/2014/02/hi-its-me-again.html

  3. Well, happy 3rd birthday to your little sweetheart. I think having it at the house is a great idea...cozy and everyone gets to be there- all the furbabies! :D These dogs are so lucky to have someone like you to watch over them while they transition to finding their forever home. I cannot believe someone would leave a dog chained out and abandoned in the cold. It happens too often. :( It's so sad and incredibly cruel. I would just be thrilled having puppies in the house again. It's been years. My doggies have all gone to heaven- 14 and 15 years old and had such a good life and they were rescued too. Blessings to you and your family and may your fundraising efforts be very successful, Bird

  4. Oh honey, when do you sleep??? Those pups are so adorable. You know you just might go down in saint hood for these acts of humanity you perform. I think you are an amazing woman and a true human being. Happy happy 3rd birthday to the sweet little princess. Warmest hugs, my beautiful friend. Mina

  5. Sweet puppies! They are so lucky to have you :0) What a fabulous organization you help support.