Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I am so excited!  MY HIPPIE HEART  & FLOWER CHILD Kimonos are almost finished!  By the end of this week they will be in MY HIPPIE HEART JEWELRY Etsy Shop.

I have used soft Chiffon for some and gorgeous vintage silk sari fabric for others.  I am working on some more embroidered sari kimonos this week.  This fabric is so sumpcious and detailed I wanted to keep them all for myself.  I will show you those later this week.

Some are full sleeve kimonos and others are a shorter sleeve.  I have named each one like this red one which is my favourite, called Moroccan Sun.  Other have names like House of the Rising Sun, Zepplin, Joplin and Blackbird.

My FLOWER CHILD Kimonos are for the little ones.  My little darling loves the ones I have made her, she looks just like her mommy in them, she feels very special.

I am hoping that everyone will love them as much as I love creating them. They will be reasonably priced so everyone can have a nice kimono at not a huge investment. They will be One of a Kind because the vintage fabrics I use are just that.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Gorgeous !!! Great selection, what beautiful fabric