Wednesday, June 8, 2016


You would never know it was June today here in Ontario.  It is really cold, so much so that my husband started a fire in the shop so he could work.

This is how beautiful it was last week when I was working on the gardens.  Sun shining, blue skies, just lovely.

The Bleeding Heart which I planted for my Grandmother, it was her favourite, came up just gloriously this year.  The Dianthis reseeded so that was a nice surprise and the Japanes Irises stood up proudly I wish they bloomed longer.

Everything in the perrenial garden came back but the Herbs were another story.  It is hit and miss with Herbs when you live in Four Seasons.   This year only the Thyme came back and not all of it.  The whole end of the bed was Thyme last year.  I had to replant all of the other Herbs hopefully some more will winter over this year.

The thing I look forward to most in the Spring is being able to get back into my Hippie House,  I love it so much.  Well, I had some unwelcome guests this Spring.  First when I was bringing out some of the garden ornaments I store there over the winter, I was lifting my Sunfaced Birdhouse and I thought I saw something move in the hole.  I accidently dropped it on the floor and the front fell off and, I kid you not, at least a dozen mice scattered out of there.  I screamed in shock, the dogs came running and started chasing them, did not get any thank goodness, and there was one little one sitting on the table not quite awake.  They have now moved out.

Then, the following weekend , we went out to have our morning coffee and a Robin had taken up residence.  She was not too happy to have people near her nest let alone 4 dogs.  I did find a broken egg on the floor so I assume the Squirrels found her nest and she has now moved out.  Hopefully I will get to have my Hippie House all to myself for the rest of the summer.

 Repurpose and Reuse that is my mantra.  The lovely stone bench was my Grandparents, I don't think there was a summer day that we did not drive up to the farm and my Grandmother was not sitting there, it just touches my heart and at times brings tears to my eyes whenever I see it. 

A forgotten table top, which we added legs to and painted, is tucked away in a nice little green cove halfway up our property so we can just sit and not be seen.  Our old tub now holds Jacob's Ladder and it looks very happy.

I love windchimes and have collected some really unusual ones.  The wooden ones that I always hung on the porch were a bit worn this year so they are now hanging on a tree in the garden.  They tinkle with delight every time a breeze blows.  When I lived with my Grandparents, I had a horse named Honeyboy.  This piece of wood is all that was left of his coral after he was gone.  I have it at the entrance to the garden now.

Alice and the Cheshire cat are left from our son's Alice in Wonderland wedding, 6 years ago already!  The little wood heart used to be on the front porch I made it to welcome guests now it welcomes guests in the garden.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour.  There will be more as the summer goes on.  Now I am going to put on some warm clothes and head out to the Studion to work on some more Kimonos.  I went to the fabric warehouse yesterday and stocked up on some amazing tassel trim I can't wait to use it.

Hope you all have a lovely, sunny day!

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