Tuesday, October 24, 2017


I have been making and selling my Bohemian Kimonos at Festivals and through my online Shop MY HIPPIE HEART for over a year now.  One of the questions I get at shows is " how and where do I where it".

I tell everyone the same thing.  Wear a Kimono with confidence!  Once you start to wear them, you barely notice you have it on.  They are so comfortable, roomy and really fabulous looking.  Everyone looks amazing in a kimono, no matter what your age, body shape or height.  There is some style for everyone.

Kimonos look great with jeans, dresses, dressed up or down.  I have made them short, long, short sleeves, super long sleeves, which is my style.  When you see someone wearing a kimono you think" That looks great but could I wear it?"  Yes you can.  Kimonos are, like all fashion, available at every price point.  Go out, buy one, buy one online.  Wear it around the house if you are not confident enough to go out right away.  Trust me once you start you will never go back.  A fab bohemian kimono makes you feel special, like you know some fashion secret no on else does.  You will be the one that everyone sees and thinks "Can I wear that?"

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