Monday, November 27, 2017


I am very late decorating the farmhouse this year.  Doing the new floor and getting ready for the Holiday Handmade  Market took a lot of time but I am going to be finished by Thursday, 2 weeks behind but still earlier than most.

The living room is pretty much finished except for the big tree and the lit stars in the front windows.  The big paper stars look so pretty and I moved my antique step latter into the living room.  Our little Santa Tree sits there now with a Tomte and some adorable Hallmark Snowmen, they jingle when you open them.

This is my favourite corner of the newly decorated living room.  We moved the Quebec Pine Cupboard ( a wedding gift from my grandmother and now over 240 years old) onto the opposite wall.  Amazing how just shifting that over made such a difference in the room.  I piled some lovely boxes on top of a child's blanket box and hung my favourite prints, just adore this corner.

Moving the armchairs together was not planned but they are surprisingly large and this was the best spot, I am used to them now and really like the arrangement.  The floor looks so good with the antique pine and the area rug looks vintage but it is new Urban Outfitters.  The lamp I picked up at HomeSense it was brass but I painted it turquoise.  Totes on the table and my angel sits happily on the cupboard.


Little trees in every room.  The sofas still look great, they got some new throw cushions for Christmas.

Well, it is a start.  The kitchen is almost done and then just some bits and bobs and the big tree will be last to be decorated.  Hope your decorating is going well I cannot wait to see what you have all done this season.

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