Monday, January 8, 2018


I adore vintage clothing.  The quality of the work, fabrics and embroidery lasts for decades.  This gorgeous velvet and silk embroidered opera jacket is a wonderful example.  Made in the 1920's it is in mint condition and just sold at auction, some lucky person will wear this I am sure.

Also from the 1920's is this embroidered silk dress and coat.  this particular piece was part of a museum exhibit for a French designer but the quality is still there.  I love the faded look of the silk.

Look at the sumptuous velvet in this 1930's French cape.  The embellishments are breathtaking.  The velvet has not faded or deteriorated in any way,  love this!

Another piece from the 1920's , this Italian opera coat is made of silk and velvet, another museum piece, gorgeous.

This Italian designed 1920's coat is fabulous.  Look at the gold embroidery, the deep rust velvet shawl collar.  I can only imagine how this feels on, it would have some weight but the elegance of the design would make you feel wonderful.

As you know, I use vintage silk sari fabrics for my Kimonos and Kaftans in my shop MY HIPPIE HEART.  I will be starting my new line at the end of the month and I cannot wait to start to use the fabrics I have been collecting since the Fall.  I have many pieces from the 1940's to the 1970's and they are in perfect condition.  Embroidered fabric, hand painted and some luscious velvet I found in thrift stores.  The beautiful Kimono Jacket is from the 1920's and I was lucky enough to have found some velvet in that lovely smokey blue but just enough to make a Flower Child Kimono for our little darling.

Last but not least, is this fabulous Vintage Turkish coat from the 1930's.  Why do they not make pieces like this anymore?  Look at that indigo velvet and the lining.  If I had a coat like this I would wear it all of the time.  Perhaps one day I will find some fabric close enough to make one for myself!

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