Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I love coffee.  I love coffee machines.  The more unusual the better.  I picked up this little vintage Gaggia espresso/cappaccino machine at a thrift store a few years ago for $10.00.  It makes fabulous deep rich coffee which I am drinking as I write.

I have a K cup machine, a regular coffee maker, several French Presses but I must say my favourite is the old fashioned manual drip.  I just love how these are being created more and more uniquely .  It is so comforting watching the coffee brew as you pour the piping hot water over the grounds.

Recently I discover the SYPHON.  It is a Japanese lab experiment looking coffee brewer.  I just love this.  You light it with a bunson burner.  You fill the bowl with water, as it heats it rises through the tube into the cylinder, you add the coffee and gently stir.  Soon it is magically "vacuumed" down the tube into the bowl.  The only thing I am not sure of is the strength of the coffee.  I have watched it being made on youtube and they say it is a delicate "tea like" coffee.  I am Scandinavian and I love my coffee strong.  Very cool little contraption though.

I have never used one of these little Italian Espresso makers but they look very rustic.

Well, there you go, I am a confessed COFFEE GEEK and proud of it.. going to finish this delicious cup now and head out to Studio Atticus to make some Kimonos for my POP UP SHOP at Wincey Mills Market in Paris, Ontario on April 14th.  Have a lovely day and enjoy your coffee or tea.

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