Wednesday, March 21, 2018


 First day of Spring yesterday and I spent a lovely day in the studio getting ready for my Wincey Mills POP UP SHOP in Paris, Ontario in April .

 It was a nice sunny day but still cold.  I needed a fire to warm up the studio.

 The Spring/Summer collection is coming along nicely.  Getting all of my little bits and pieces together to make my POP UP SHOP  for MY HIPPIE HEART   look nice and bohemian.  It is not as easy as when I do the outdoor shows, no tent to hang things from.

 Here are just a few of the Vintage Silk Sari Kimonos I finished.  I think the second, RUBY TUESDAY, is my favourite.

 Yesterday I worked on the Hand blocked Organic Cotton Kimonos.  Love this fabric, a bold grey.  I have not named it yet, any suggestions?

 This Indigo Shibori Kimono I made yesterday as we'll but this one if just for me!  I love the soft Organic Cotton and this pattern is gorgeous.

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