Saturday, August 11, 2012


I was looking at PINTEREST yesterday and came across some beautiful vintage tins. When I went to the site I discovered they were made in England and the images on them were from a British artist named Martin Wiscombe.

I just fell in love with the vintage images on the tins, teapots, coffee mugs and other various items.

Aren't these mugs just delightful? I could look at these images over and over. The colours are so lovely and the images bring back nice memories.

I adore these Custard Jugs.

The cupcakes on this clock look yummy to eat.

And the teapots are just divine.

There are egg cups and trays and placemats with delicious cupcake images. So many things I could not list them all but this is the one thing I fell in love with and would really like to have.

They are so scrumpcious! I can see them stacked in my kitchen full of home baked delights. Unfortunately I can find no one here that sells them. I did find them on U.K.Ebay but it would probably be around $100 to order if I had to pay a duty. Maybe for Christmas.


  1. Those are very cool! Luv the mugs:)

  2. I really like these. I could just imagine the tins filled with goodies.