Thursday, August 9, 2012


I have to show you the lovely surprises I received this week. I won a giveaway from the adorable, talented Korrie at RED HEN HOME. I got to choose something from her Etsy Shop and I chose this lovely Bee Sign. I just adore anything with bees. I love it and it is going in my kitchen. Stop over and see her blog, she does some really nice work. Thanks Korrie!

I won another giveaway from the lovely Julie ( a fellow Ontarian) at JULIES LITTLE HOUSE BLOG. She sent me this beautiful Blue Rose Vintage Tablecloth, which I collect, some old wooden clothes pegs, lovely handmade buttons, a nice coupon holder and a cherished memory. My great-grandfather drank his tea everyday from a green Fire King mug just like the one Julie sent me. It was such a lovely memory that came flooding back when I took it out of the package. Drop by and see Julie she has a sweet blog and she is an avid collector of all things previously loved. Thanks so much Julie.

Let's take a little stroll through the front garden, shall we? Everything is still looking pretty good considering the lack of rain.

The Portellaca is finally blooming, it is the first time I have planted it. They were one of my grandmother's favourite flowers.

I took these photos at sunset. It was so pretty. I like the garden best very early in the morning and at sunset.

Here comes Rufus........

......with Daisy close behind.

These two just love each other. They keep us laughing all the time, well, not about the holes they dig, but everything else is pretty hilarious.

As the sun sets on Mr. Bunny I think I will make a cup of tea and enjoy the rest of the evening on the back porch with my furry darlings.


  1. Hello Sue, wonderful bee sign, also the other goodies, vintage table cloth, nice, old cloths pins, love those, and the green Fire King mug brings back family memories for me to. I also have a green Fire King mug that I cherish. Your gardens are so pretty, love Mr. Rabbit, so very sweet. Those dogs of yours are so beautiful, give them a big hug for me, Blessings Francine.P.S. will check out the girls blogs.

  2. Sue - you are so very welcome. I loved hearing your memory. That is exactly why I am drawn to things vintage and used. I always imagine the life it had before it came to me - the person who drank out of the cup or the homemaker that cherished and washed and ironed that tablecloth. When I found that tablecloth at the animal shelter charity shop, I could imagine the woman who owned it. There were 4 tablecloths there - 2 blue and 2 yellow. Obviously she loved these tablecloths because she bought one to use every day (and boy were they worn out) and two to keep for good. J

  3. Congratulations on your wins. I love bees. I left flowers on a lot of the oregano because they seem to go crazy for them. I would love to keep a hive.
    Your front garden is looking lovely, you've done really well considering the lack rain.

  4. Wow! Congratulations on your amazing wins. I love that tablecloth and Bee Sign.

    Oh Sue, the photos of your garden are so gorgeous. I can't help but pause at the "Duffy & Penny's Garden" sign and be filled with such unconditional love and warm memories.

    And Rufus and Daisy...doesn't it just seem their souls were destined to cross? Look at those big furry beauties. Thank you so much for sharing, my sweet friend. Mina